Pedaling & other problems on Kawai CN23

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Post by Adrenaline »

Hey guys,

I actually searched the forums and the Internets beforehand, didn't find a solution that worked for me, so here I am.

First the hardware: I've got a Kawai CN23 on a Generic Midi to USB-Interface (While it looks like the ones "not to use" - there were no other ones to buy at the music shop back then and it works for all other programs I've used in the past... FLStudio e.g.). It's on Windows 10 and the actual stable version of Synthesia (10.6.5425)... If you are super fixed on that the issue lies within the Midi-Interface, would that one work fine? - as I am not willing to import the recommended one from the US (It's not sold under that name here in germany).

The problems are: The pedal usage actually registers as a note? I think the sustain pedal is a middle C and the other ones are kind of in that range as well... How to fix that? I tried disabling different things, but nothing worked. I think the only thing that has to be done here is to disable Pedal input in the Software itself if possible - as I want to use my epiano as the only listening source.

Also I have a hall effect going, which can be disabled if I don't send any(!) output to my ePiano - but that kind of sucks as well, as I don't want to hear things over the tiny laptop speakers.

Would be glad to get some hints how to solve this, thanks!

I think the only awesome addition would be to have a more natural sheet-view (As I don't want to use the scrolling down view but actually the sheet music) - it should be possible to force notes to stay by hand in the bass/violin clef e.g.

Thanks for the great software and greetings from Germany

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Post by Adrenaline »

Welp, while nobody cared - which is fine (I guess there were a lot like me in the past), I will still post an answer for those who kind of like me ignore the Warnings on the website and the pinned thread in this forum:

This software is pretty picky about the midi-controllers it works with - just deal with it...

So I dealt with it and sorted it out with another Midi-Controller (after trying 3 different ones, the pass-trough of my Axiom 25 actually seems to do the trick)... I am still kind of puzzled as other applications (FLStudio, Flowkey) don't seem to have a problem with the other Midi-Controller thingy...

Anyhow, still a nice software for error-correction without a teacher, thanks for that - and still would love an improved sheet-view ;-).
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Post by Nicholas »

Aww, sorry I didn't get here in time. I do care. It's just been... hectic over the last few months.

I'm happy to hear you were able to find a workaround. (Those generic adapters are bad news.)
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