set up "next notes delay" on android

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I used to play Synthesia on windows. Now i play it on a android tablet put on my new piano.
I remember that i was possible to set up the "next notes delay" :

My problem is that when i play a song, sometimes i play too early the next notes (on practice mode) then Synthesia stop the song. this is very frustrating.

Playing notes a bit too early shouldn't be considered as an error.

On windows, there was a parameter we could change to solve this problem... i don't remember what parameter...
Is it possible to do the same on android ?

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revilo2 wrote: 08-25-20 4:13 amPlaying notes a bit too early shouldn't be considered as an error.
I don't agree with your premise, but I can see how you might feel otherwise. Sorry I can't help you with how you might adjust Synthesia to allow notes to be played earlier. I just have never tried to do this.

To elaborate on my disagreement, at least for some kinds of music, it is more important to play a note at the right time than to play the right note, within reason. One teacher I had gave me the exercise of playing notes very slowly with a metronome with the goal of getting the notes to sound exactly with the ticks of the metronome. Give it a try. It takes a bit of work but it will improve your playing noticeably if you become very accurate in landing your notes on the beat.
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Maybe you're right but i just want to adjust this delay... it's possible on windows version.... Not on android version ?
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Did you mean the "Gameplay.NoteWindowUs" advanced setting in the configuration tool? Outside of some trickery with a rooted device, there isn't a way to adjust any of those in the tablet versions of Synthesia. I've been considering a way to bulk import/export all your settings on tablets as a kind of backup/migration feature, but it would also have the benefit of being able to adjust a setting elsewhere and then import it to your tablet.
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Yes ! it will be very cool to retrieve this !
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