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Posted: 05-13-21 7:35 am
by Svennig
At present, I use the "Practice the melody" mode, which has the subtext of "Song waits for you".

Historically this has been what I want, but on a piece I'm learning at the moment I'm finding it very frustrating that - while the song waits for me when I'm wrong - it doesn't catch up to me when I'm right.

This means that I can't be more expressive (at least, through increased tempo) in certain sections because Synthesia doesn't keep up, and ends up showing notes as wrong and then waiting for me.

Is there an option I'm missing here, so that if I have played the "current" note correctly, it will correctly recognise the next note if played correctly regardless of how far in the future it is?

Posted: 05-14-21 9:31 pm
by Nicholas
You're not missing a feature. What you're looking for is called score following and is really cool. Also: the patents on it all finally expired a few years ago, so we're in the clear to add that sort of thing to Synthesia.

This video (starting at 6:13) shows how it works in a different app. Is this the kind of thing you were describing?