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Posted: 10-21-21 6:26 am
by jackhoisgood
It seems after the iPad update, I am now unable to double-tap a song file to open any of the songs in Synthesia's song list. Prior to the update I'd double tap a piece to open it but now I can't. I've resettled all the settings to default but it doesn't address the issue.

Luckily the alternative so far is to select a song and click on 'Continue' on the top-right corner.

Posted: 10-21-21 9:01 am
by Nicholas
Hmm, this appears to be true in the desktop version, too. Strange, I don't recall making any changes that would have broken that behavior.

I'll get that fixed. In the meantime, thanks for the bug report and sorry for the inconvenience!

Posted: 10-24-21 6:09 am
by jackhoisgood
No problem, happy to report!