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Posted: 01-24-22 6:25 pm
by chocobo125
Hi, I've made payment on Synthesia website using Alipay last weekend. However when I finished the payment, no message popped up, and I didn't get any key on my email. I have checked with my Alipay account and the payment was made successfully. So what should I do now to retrieve my key? I have tried with the key retrieving on website but with no success.

Posted: 02-06-22 4:29 am
by chocobo125
Hey...It's been 2 weeks and I still haven't received the unlock key yet. Try to retrieve the key on website but still got the "We couldn't find your key." msg. So any staff from Synthesia can help me with this issue? I oso dropped email to but no response at all. Do you have other way to approach the customer service? I can't find any contact info on the website...(Forget about the robot it is useless...)

Posted: 02-07-22 12:32 am
by chocobo125
I have received the unlock key. Thank you very much!

Posted: 02-07-22 12:49 am
by Nicholas
I am so sorry for the wait on this! I just emailed you with more information and your unlock key.

I haven't had much of a chance to mention anything here in the forums, but my wife was just in the hospital again near the end of January for something tangentially related to last time. It was only for a couple days and everything is fine (no at-home IVs for months like last time), but it still causes this kind of domino effect where all of the plates I try to juggle come crashing to the ground all at once.

Even before that, our two year old already hasn't been back to daycare since mid-December because of constantly-reoccurring Covid infections all throughout that building, so my bandwidth was already limited. So it was even easier to for the house of cards to collapse. Sorry!

Outside of support email, this business essentially runs itself... which is a blessing and a curse. That makes it easy to let it be the first thing to fall by the wayside and focus on my family when an emergency happens, but then when I do peek back in here, I see that I'm letting some of you down. That isn't fair to the users that need support or even to everyone else patiently waiting for new updates.

I've mostly got all of my ducks in a row again, so hopefully I'll be able to get caught up on all the email and afterward maybe the line will stop being completely flat since the start of 2022.

EDIT: Haha, you got the email before I finished composing this message! :D