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Posted: 05-17-22 4:59 pm
by Bavi_H
While playing around with the new preview, I started experimenting with the key-sensitive key labels (movable-do and scale numbers) and I've also noticed the following.

When the key labels are set to movable-do or scale numbers, if a song contains a key change, key labels for upcoming notes in the new key can start appearing on the keyboard before the point of the key change.

OS: Windows 8.1
Issue noticed in:
Synthesia 10.8.5686
Synthesia preview-10.9.5766
Video Creator 10.4.4395 *

[* I understand you're not updating the Video Creator. I just used it as a way to make a video of the issue because it also happens to have the issue. The issue happens in the current release and preview listed above.]

I made the attached example video with the Video Creator then resized it to a smaller size. I used (the extracted MIDI file for) the built-in "Major Scales > 1 Octave" exercise, which has key changes before every scale. I set the key labels and note labels to "scale numbers".

On the keyboard, notice how the 1 2 3 and 4 scale numbers for the new key appear on the keyboard in order before the point of the key change.

This is not an important feature for me, I just think it looks weird, so perhaps you might want to add it to your list of things to possibly look into fixing at some point.

Posted: 05-17-22 8:53 pm
by Nicholas
This was a deliberate decision that took extra effort to make it work. :anxious:

The key labels that change early are the ones that have notes in the new key signature coming up soon, so abandoning the labels for the old key signature a little early to make sure the keyboard key shows only the correct name for that upcoming note (without pulling the rug out from the user and changing it just as the note arrives) felt like the right behavior.

I agree that it's a little awkward looking, but I prefer to have the two match as the note approaches.

(Also: that is a phenomenally small video file for a 10 second clip! What is that, 20 KB/s?) :lol: