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Posted: 06-08-22 11:34 am
by vince61

I put my MIDI files in Google Drive (because I don't find a quicker way to synchronise between my Windows laptop and my Android device).
- But I don't find how to set Synthesia as default MIDI player. The first time, I openned it, Spotify was launched. So I uninstalled Spotify and it was the native player.
- Synthesia don't seem to have an option to import MIDI file from Google Drive/Dropbox/OneDrive :(

Can someone take me to the good way ?


Posted: 06-09-22 9:07 am
by Nicholas
Usually there is a way in Android to get to an "Open with" menu. On a Samsung tablet just now, I was able to long-press on a file to pop up a little context menu. The "Open with" menu was under the "... More Options" section. That should let you choose which app to launch the file with. (And, depending on the device, you may be able to set it as the default.)