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Posted: 10-06-22 1:31 pm
by thedealman
Hello. On iPad , I can only seem to tap the plus or minus button to change tempo in 10% increments or decrements. I understand on the PC you can hold down the control key for smaller values. Is there a way to achieve this on iPad?
Have you considered an option to allow the user to simply enter the tempo they want?

Posted: 10-06-22 3:25 pm
by Nicholas
On the Settings --> Shortcuts screen, you can bind the "Speed Up/Down (small step)" controls to other things (like, say, a pedal+note combination or a anything on a Bluetooth-connected typing keyboard).

A better solution is something I've had on the list for a while and has finally percolated to being less than 100 lines away: touching and dragging left/right on the BPM label itself to adjust the speed in as small or large an increment as you like. (Moving slowly will adjust by 1%. Dragging very quickly to the edge of the screen will slow it to a stop or speed it all the way up to 400%, etc.) That should be coming relatively soon.