have to lead the graphics when playing

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Post by rawbar » 10-03-11 7:08 pm

I have a keyboard hooked up via a midi to usb adapter. I don't have latency when I press a key in the test screen (ie, the instant i press a key, the test tells me the note i've pressed. I've also tested this using LoopBe).

I'm familiar with rockband, so I would expect that when the 'notes' hit the bottom is when you have to start playing the note, however I'm finding I have to lead the notes that are falling in order to get 'credit' for pressing the keys. ie, before they hit the 'bottom'. I got this for my 6yo and it's really not a good learning tool if he has to compensate by leading.

to use rock band terms, is there some way to calibrate this?


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Post by kickininthefrontsea » 10-04-11 3:58 am

I had problems knowing when to hit a note until i turned on the metronome

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Post by rawbar » 10-04-11 7:48 pm

i might use the metronome as well, but for a 6 year old, that's really not intuitive for some reason. one shouldn't have to lead the notes in order to play them properly. like i said, i've seen this in the game rock band and equate it to a calibration issue. i'm not sure what one would call it here.

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Post by stephenhazel » 10-05-11 2:00 am

which synth are you using for sound output?
my guess is it's the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth.
Which has lots of latency - a half sec delay between when it
receives keydown and when it starts generating sound for it.
Your best bet is to use your keyboard to generate audio.
(With "local control off")

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