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Postby Gouldin » 11-22-11 3:43 pm

Hey folks.

Having problems using my Yamaha PSS-680 connected to my PC via an EMU X1 Tab USB Midi adaptor. Have updated the drivers, but it hasn't helped. The song plays fine in the test, then a note always gets stuck on and then they eventually layer up on themselves.

It's probably something silly I haven't set right, but for the life of me I can't figure out what, it works on mac in garageband and my pc uses it fine also with reason.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated as this game rocks and it'll help my nephew learn to play far better than I can teach people :D
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Postby Nicholas » 11-26-11 5:12 am

The note sticking is just intermittent? It's not every single note?

If it's every single note, could you run each of these files in the default "Played by Synthesia" mode and let me know if one or both stick all the notes?
(90 Bytes) Downloaded 375 times
(75 Bytes) Downloaded 392 times
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Postby Gouldin » 11-28-11 6:34 pm

It's always the last note played from a sequence and it won't switch off unless I switch the keyboard off or select a different midi output in synthesia.

Will test the midi files soon and report back :)
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Postby Nicholas » 12-02-11 7:34 pm

This might help: run the Synthesia Configuration tool, go to the advanced section, and turn off the "Midi.HardReset" option.
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Postby Gouldin » 01-11-12 3:04 pm

Heya, sorry for not replying sooner, thanks for the help, the Midi.Reset options works a charm for the keyboard.

Thanks :D Loving the game btw.
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Postby Gouldin » 08-23-18 2:41 pm

Random resurrection of a really old thread, but I recently reloaded synthesia and I can't find this option anymore in the advanced config? (Or did it's name change on me ;) )
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Postby Nicholas » 08-27-18 2:44 pm

Hard resets were causing so much trouble that we just left them out for everyone. The option has been removed and they're disabled by default.

(Were you having trouble with your MIDI device?)
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Postby Gouldin » 08-29-18 12:13 pm


Yes I was, turns out just selecting do not play my notes fixed it all and is working awesome.

Out of interest, How easy would it be to remap the midi channels in synthesia, for example my yamaha uses channel 16 for percussion, whereas synthesia and most midi apps use channel 10. Do you know of any remapper for channel allocations?

Still an awesome app btw, I'm impressed you kept with the updates over the years on it 8-)
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Postby Nicholas » 08-29-18 2:49 pm

There's actually a great free app that can do this. It's called MIDI-OX and it has a rather powerful "Data Mapping" feature that lets you do all sorts of interesting things.

Here's the basic guide.

You'd make two rules:
- When input channel matches 10, set output to 16.
- When input channel matches 16, set output to 10.

That should make percussion work perfectly on your keyboard. :D
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Postby Gouldin » 08-29-18 4:55 pm

Wow, that's awesome and exactly what I needed :)

Been struggling for ages with the PSS models having silly midi channels :lol:

Shame Yamaha refuse to release an up to date mini key pss/psr model
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