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Looping Bug on Macbook Pro

Posted: 11-26-11 12:44 pm
by albie
re: This post -- I tried plugging a mouse in and it works. If anyone knows how I can use the mousepad instead, let me know.

Love the program. I have a Macbook Pro laptop recent model. I use the mousepad, not a separate mouse. Running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 OS. Synthesia Version 0.8.2

I have a midi file which loads nicely and plays well.

I'm using an MAudio 49 Key - Keystudio.

The loop marker sticks in the timeline, even when I close the program and restart it. Even if I right-click it.

I try and rightclick and drag loop on the timeline and it doesn't work.

I go up to the fine-tune marker and mouse over it and get nothing.

Anyone help with this?

Re: Looping Bug on Macbook Pro

Posted: 11-26-11 10:31 pm
by Nicholas
Sorry for the trouble. I don't have great access to a Mac with trackpad, so that is a relatively little tested part of Synthesia. I was just able to convince my wife to let me try it out on her teacher laptop and I think I was able to reproduce the problem.

I'm guessing you're right-clicking by doing the control+click gesture with the trackpad? By default, that won't work (though there is a setting you can change that will). Worse, by default control+click is a shortcut in Synthesia to add a bookmark at the current timeline location. And those look quite a bit like something loop-like. That would explain not being able to fine-tune the marker on the side. Sorry about that, all of that must be frustrating.

You can use the two-finger click gesture (make sure it's enabled in System Preference > Trackpad, under the "Two Fingers" section). Or, if you want to use control+click, start up the SynthesiaConfig utility, go to the Manual Settings tab, find "System.MacCtrlClickForRightClick" near the bottom of the list, and check that box. That will make Synthesia interpret control+click as a right-click.

Hopefully that helps. Please let me know if you run into any other trouble. Thanks!

Re: Looping Bug on Macbook Pro

Posted: 02-20-12 8:56 pm
by abstracte
The two finger click doesn't seem to work for me - I can't get loop functionality to work on my macbook (I use a trackpad)

Re: Looping Bug on Macbook Pro

Posted: 02-20-12 9:57 pm
by Nicholas
How about the "System.MacCtrlClickForRightClick" solution listed after that one? That should make Ctrl+click work instead.

Re: Looping Bug on Macbook Pro

Posted: 05-04-12 7:16 am
The "System.MacCtrlClickForRightClick" works for me and I am very glad to get the loops working!

Re: Looping Bug on Macbook Pro

Posted: 09-16-12 11:21 pm
by abstracte
No luck with that setting either -- System.MacCtrlClickForRightClick did not work for me -- I have a MacBook air from about 2009 running Mountain Lion (10.8.1) Running Synthesia 8.4 preview R1957

Re: Looping Bug on Macbook Pro

Posted: 09-17-12 1:42 am
by Nicholas
Well, the good news is that waiting 7 months has been fortuitous: I'm about to revamp the way you set/create loops so that it can be accomplished without a right-click. (It's work being done for the upcoming iPad version, but it'll benefit the desktop, too.)

There will be a new dev preview somewhere between the 17th (today) and 18th... the change won't be in that one. But it should be in the one after that. I just marked that task a higher priority now that this has been brought back to my attention.

My goal is to release new previews every two weeks or so from here on out, so you won't have to wait long.