Correct setup to avoid latency with USB keyboard controller

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Post by emzero » 04-24-12 12:29 pm

My setup:
Keyboard: UMX 610 USB Controller Keyboard
Audio: Numark DJ/IO
OS: Windows 7 x64

If I set Synthesia to use Microsoft GS Wavetable as output, I get a delay in sound, make it unplayable.

I know I can use Loopbe1 to route Synthesia output to another program (like a VST). The problem with this setup is that I don't know how to get the full MIDI instruments playing. I just set the one I will be playing, but the others doesn't sound.

So, can anybody give me some directions here? I want to be able to use Synthesia without latency, but having a full MIDI instruments wavetable so the songs can be played entirely. And also of course, that I can choose one track to play myself.


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Post by jimhenry » 04-24-12 2:32 pm

The UMX 610 looks like an interesting and capable keyboard. It also looks like it is going to require some effort to get the most out of it since it seems to be more of a kit of parts rather than plug and play. That is a good thing once you know what you are doing but it will require some understanding to get the results you want.

Do you have the UCA222 USB Audio Interface? If so, you should use that with the appropriate ASIO driver supplied by Behringer ... to minimize the latency in turning digital into audio.

I would expect the bundled Native Instruments’ KORE PLAYER to provide a low latency soft synthesizer when used with the UCA222. I could be wrong. This is where you'll have to experiment. It seems like Behringer also includes other software that provides synthesis. There may be something there that provides lower latency than KORE PLAYER. Software synthesis to turn the MIDI produced by Synthesia into sound you can hear is always going to consume the bulk of the computer's processing power. You have to find the synthesis solution that works best for you. Getting this all configured correctly is going to require some thought.
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Post by emzero » 04-24-12 3:16 pm

No, I don't have the UCA222 Audio Interface, but I have a Numark DJ IO with its ASIO drivers working with low latency on Ableton Live (I can play and hear the sound with no appreciated latency).

I will try with Kore Player.

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Post by emzero » 04-24-12 3:23 pm

Ok I made it work using Midi Yoke and Kore Player (or any other standalone VST instrument).

The problem is that it will only play the instrument I load into it. I need a full MIDI wavetable bank that can get all the midi channels from Synthesia while playing the song and use the respective midi instrument code (0 to 127) to play it. Am I clear?

Basically I need a replacement for Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth that can make use of ASIO drivers to reduce latency and, of course, have the full MIDI bank of 128 instruments.

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Post by Lemo » 04-24-12 3:38 pm

Then don't use a vst, but rather a soundfont with a system-wide driver
You can find some neat soundfonts on the download page too
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Post by emzero » 04-24-12 3:43 pm

So basically I use the "VirtualMIDISynth" from the link in that thread as a replacement of MS GS Wavetable and then I load a SoundFont into it?

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Post by Lemo » 04-24-12 5:23 pm

Yeah it will appear as an additional output choice inside Synthesia next to the default synth
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