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Left hand no sound

Posted: 02-23-14 11:55 am
by Sakuya
Hi I'm Sakuya from Japan.
My keyboard seems to receive one channel only and is not able to play left hand notes. :cry:
Is there any way to assign left hand and right hand to the same MIDI channel?

MIDI interface:Yamaha UX16
Keyboard:KORG Trinity ... ml?page=67

Re: Left hand no sound

Posted: 02-23-14 3:49 pm
by Pianotehead
Yes, but you need another program for it. I think Anvil Studio lets you assign tracks to MIDI channels, not sure since I don't have it set up on my laptop anymore.

Re: Left hand no sound

Posted: 02-24-14 9:50 pm
by Nicholas
Actually, on the page of that manual you linked, it looks like there might be a solution:

1. Set your Trinity to "Combination Play" mode.
2. Set each of the Timbre Modes to "INT" and change one to channel 1, another to channel 2, etc.

That should let you receive MIDI events on more than one channel.

Re: Left hand no sound

Posted: 02-26-14 3:31 am
by Sakuya
Thank you, Pianohead and Nicholas! It works fine now :D