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Trouble with Synthesia, your keyboard, or adapter? Think you found a bug?
When describing problems, always mention your OS and game version (shown at the bottom of the title screen).
  • If your keyboard has USB or MIDI ports, there is a tremendously high chance (>99%) it will work with Synthesia. See what you'll need on the keyboards page.
  • If you have a Logitech webcam and can't get your keyboard/adapter to work, see this post.
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Post by Zageron » 03-26-09 7:25 pm

I had my piano turned off.
I started Synthesia.
I turned my piano on.
Synthesia detected a midi error.

oops :P

Most recent version
Windows XP

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Post by Nicholas » 03-26-09 7:42 pm

Hmm... so, I'm guessing you have a USB-to-MIDI adapter and that it was selected for input or output on the Title screen?

Oh, and when you say "latest version" do you mean latest "official" version (0.6.5) or the latest preview from the Development Updates section of the forum? (This part doesn't matter as much because I haven't done any work in that area to fix this type of thing. I'd imagine if it happened in one, it would happen in both.)

Thanks for the report. I'll investigate. Hopefully I'll be able to reproduce something on my end so I can see what's going on.

(Last question: what is your keyboard's make/model? ;) )

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Post by Zageron » 03-26-09 7:54 pm

Piano: Kawai L1
USB Adaptor: MidiMan


Basically I just turned my piano ON, while the settings you see were enabled. Then the error box.

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Post by Zageron » 03-28-09 1:38 pm

This error also leads up to the game locking up. The game opens, and loads a window, but fails to load any GUI. So you get a frozen, untouchable, desktop. Pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL allows you to fix the problem however.

OH! My, my. I waited 2 minutes and the game unlocked. It went from 'Not Responding' to 'Running' and the game window popped up! The permanent Synthesia.exe only shows up if you kill the locked program. (And then only once.)

This is a confusing error.


Windows XP 32bit
1.8GHz 64bit
FX5500 256MB

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Post by Nicholas » 04-04-09 2:13 am

Hmm, I can't seem to reproduce the problem.

I tried on the Mac and in Windows and when I started with it off, turning it on didn't cause any problems. I was able to press keys and see them in the preview area just fine.

Out of my two test keyboards, I could only try the one because the other is actually powered by the USB port so whenever it's plugged in it's always-on.

You mention MidiMan, which I think has since been renamed M-Audio. I wonder if there is a newer driver you can try that will handle that a little more gracefully.

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Post by Zageron » 07-05-09 4:39 pm

This error is still happening. (Even in the new release)

Piano is off.
Start Synthesia.
Synthesia title screen is open.
Turn Piano on.
Error screen. (As seen in the screen shot above)
Synthesia is NOT frozen, but when I continue to play the game the key input does not respond.
Closing the error box quits Synthesia and leaves a ghost copy that is stuck in memory. Removing the ability to boot Synthesia again unless a restart is completed.

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Post by Nicholas » 07-05-09 6:53 pm

Because this sounds like a device-specific problem that is reporting a driver error, the only recommendation I can make is to turn the keyboard on before you start up the game.

Otherwise, it seems like it's out of my control.

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Post by soryy708 » 07-06-09 6:10 am

ill try on my Yamaha (USB connected).
EDIT: Nope, it didnt happen.

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Post by GlitchFindR » 07-07-09 12:48 am

it happened to me before u post this topic :D

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Post by soryy708 » 07-07-09 4:52 am

Oh well... :shock:

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