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Postby Wambo » 11-25-14 10:47 am


When I start a song Synthesia changes the sound of my keyboard. I just cant understand why the developer made this feature. I mean, you buy a keyboard for hundreeds of dollars, want to play in Synthesia and it makes your sound so damn bad ... I managed to remove the effects from my playing by turning the left and right hand on mute but when I make an mistake Synthesia plays the wrong note with the crappy sound as if i hadnt mute it.
For example i would like to play only the right hand with the original sound of my keyboard without any changes while the left hand is played by Synthesia. How can this be done?
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Postby Nicholas » 11-25-14 9:52 pm

Try the latest development preview from the pink box at the top of this page.

On the Settings screen of that version, go to the Advanced tab and change the "Instrument Change Messages" setting to "Filtered-out".

Let me know if that helps. Thanks!
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Postby Wambo » 11-26-14 5:34 pm

Thanks, I could silence the effect by turning off "my notes" in the output-settings :P
btw is it possible to transfer the data like points of a song from an old version to a new?
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Postby Nicholas » 11-27-14 5:35 am

Yeah, if you're talking about the development preview, those dev versions store data in a different place than the official version to keep your "real" data safer from any bugs or corruption introduced in the beta versions.

It's pretty straightforward to copy your data from the official location to the preview location. Instructions here.
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Postby Wambo » 09-07-18 5:02 pm

Hi again,
to the original question:
it frequently happens that somehow suddenly the sound of my piano changes and changing "instrument change messages" has no effect. How can I fix this?
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Postby Nicholas » 09-10-18 3:04 am

Hmm. Maybe I misunderstood. How exactly does "the sound of [your] piano change"? In your first post, you mentioned "effects". You don't mean that Synthesia is changing it to a completely different instrument? What sort of effect do you hear instead? (I suppose I should have paid more attention to your original post subject line!)
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