How to load custom tunes onto the ipad App?

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Post by mettam » 03-01-16 2:17 am

Does the ipad app version of Synthesia work with file sharing? I've been trying to get a tune I downloaded from the net to be found in the ipad App version of Synthesia but after several attempts I dont think it works.

First when I open itunes Synthesia doesnt appear in the device Apps list. So Im left to assume Synthesia isnt built to work with itunes filesharing?

Is there a way to do it?

I am running Synthesia 10.2.4 on my ipad running iOS 9.2.1
My itunes is upto date

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Post by Nicholas » 03-01-16 12:53 pm

Hmm, usually Synthesia shows up in the iTunes File Sharing list. Strange.

Another alternative is to use a (free) third-party app like iFunbox.

Easier than either of those is to just visit the same page you found the song on the iPad, tap it, and choose "Open in Synthesia".

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Post by mettam » 03-01-16 1:16 pm

I tried to open the midi file from the ipad but Synthesia wasnt listed as a option to open the midi file with. So I thought maybe something associated with the app is turned off in the ipad system settings and discovered Synthesia wasnt even listed there. I have paid to get full access to the app (unlocked) so I am finding this extremely disappointing.

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Post by Nicholas » 03-01-16 1:29 pm

Trying it in Safari just now (same specs: 10.2.4 and iOS 9.2.1) on the "page" for a MIDI file, I just tapped "Open in..." which shows an Airdrop list. The first entry in the list is "Copy to Synthesia".

Which browser are you using on your iPad?

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Post by mettam » 03-01-16 1:59 pm

Well that's encouraging you can do it. I just need to figure out why I cant do it.

I am using Safari too.

Maybe I should remove and reinstall Synthesia. I will have to try that tonight once I get home.

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Post by Rotkob » 09-25-16 7:23 pm

I have the same problem; Synthesis doesn't show at all in iTunes (latest software on both). But I transferred the file thanks to the advise mentioned, through air drop.

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