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[FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 09-26-16 3:04 am
by KaleidonKep99
Hello Nicholas, remember me? :P

I decided to fix some mistakes of the Italian translation, probably caused by the translation's guys not knowing the exact MIDI terms in Italian.

Here it is: ... sp=sharing

Re: [FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 09-30-16 3:35 am
by Nicholas
I do remember you. ;)

You made a lot of changes! Do you happen to know which text encoding your editor used when saving the file? (The correct answer is always UTF-8. :D ) All the accents now show up wrong, regardless of the editor I open it with:
accents.png (8.23 KiB) Viewed 3393 times
And a couple of the other changes were made with more creative license than other translators usually use. One example: "Ingresso musica" → "Ingresso MIDI". In the English version, I chose the fairly non-standard "Music Input" instead of "MIDI Input" to remove an unnecessary technical term. These days with things like Bluetooth keyboards, the relevance of the word "MIDI" is starting to diminish. One alternative is "Keyboard input" but then it might sound like you're talking about typing keyboards.

That said, as soon as I figure out this encoding problem, I'll merge the vast majority of these improvements in. (Changes like "Custom" → "Personalizzato" are awesome.) Thanks!

Re: [FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 09-30-16 4:06 am
by KaleidonKep99
I think Notepad++ used ANSI, which is the default here in Italy.

Also thank you, I did my best to improve it! I decided to replace "Musica" with "MIDI", because "Ingresso/Uscita musica" doesn't really make sense in Italian.

Re: [FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 09-30-16 4:29 am
by KaleidonKep99
Here is the text file with different text encoding: UTF-8, Unicode and Big-Endian Unicode.

DL: ... sp=sharing

Re: [FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 10-14-16 12:56 am
by Nicholas
Those are much better! There were still a couple quirks (I had to combine two of those into one to get a version without any corruption), but your changes have been integrated. They'll show up starting in the next dev preview.

Thanks again!

Re: [FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 09-04-18 9:26 am
by Montelion2004
I usually use Synthesia in English, even if I'm Italian.
Today I tried the Italian language and I found some errors in the settings screen, as you can see from the images. I also changed some other little things.
EDIT: to view the images without them being cut, right click > open image in new tab.
Screenshot (15).png
Screenshot (15).png (92.82 KiB) Viewed 2415 times
Screenshot (16).png
Screenshot (16).png (129.39 KiB) Viewed 2415 times

Re: [FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 09-10-18 3:34 am
by Nicholas
Thanks for those updates! (The reason a couple elements are still in English is because when a release like 10.4 goes out that has a very, very small amount of new text -- fewer than three or four new strings or so -- the overhead cost of the translation service gets a little crazy when you start to break it down by how many words you're getting back. Like... dollars per word per language instead of just a few cents. This isn't great for users, but sometimes I will batch up those translation updates for the next release. Worse, 10.5 only has a couple more entries, so I still wasn't planning to do another set of translations. Sorry for the poor experience!)

Regarding "Temi", did you mean to replace the whole string? I was hoping to keep the "Color" part of the distinction there, because that's all those themes can change. (They can never, for example, change a texture or icon.) Does "Tema del colore" sound natural in Italian? That was the closest I could get to the English "Color Theme" in Google Translate.

And for the "inserisci" line, does that also include the connotation that pressing the key a second time will also remove the same bookmark? (That was why I used "toggle" in the English version.)

EDIT: Just typing this post made me feel guilty for not doing translations. So I just sent off for translations for the 10.5 update. :lol:

Re: [FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 09-10-18 7:10 am
by Montelion2004
Well... "Tema del colore" is the closest translation, but it doesn't sound right in Italian, so I decided to change all the string.
For the "Inserisci" line you should use "Inserisci/rimuovi".(Insert/remove)

Re: [FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 09-11-18 3:31 pm
by Montelion2004
You should put something like "Translations"on the board index, so if someone is willing to help for the translations, it's easier.

Re: [FIX] Better Italian translation

Posted: 09-12-18 11:02 am
by Nicholas
Hmm, several years ago (just as we were about to start including multiple languages), I signed up on some website that supported community translations. It had lots of features like multiple entries for a given line of text and user voting on which was the best. Anyone could add or contribute to a translation, including adding whole new languages. You could view progress bars, like "Synthesia 10.5 Spanish is 87% complete" so people knew where the most help was needed.

I eventually decided that I wanted to get the ball rolling first with professional translations and never ended up using that site.

Since then, fully two separate languages (Polish and Slovenian) have been provided by members of the Synthesia community. So, this is definitely something I try to encourage.

Remembering that old community translation site, I just tried dredging up when or where that might have been but I'm having trouble finding it now. Hmm. I could see opening the doors to something like that now that we've got eleven languages already.