Change MIDI channel/voice of metronome?

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Post by emzero » 10-18-16 7:46 pm

I have Ringway MP8820 (almost generic, low budget digital piano) that has 16 voices available of all the midi instruments.

The problem is that I cannot play the Synthesia metronome through it, even though the piano has a built-in metronome, but I don't know if it's matched to the corresponding MIDI instrument. I guess Synthesia uses the MIDI drum kit for the metronome and this piano doesn't have one. Only the built-in metronome.

Is there a way to change and play with the values used by Synthesia to send the metronome to the output to see if I can find the ones that are used by the builtin metronome?

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Post by miek » 10-21-16 2:33 pm

Hi, I also wanted to adjust my metronome - I had a read of this...viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7803&p=40619#p40619 and I set my metronome to use the same voice as my keyboard, but set to two of the higher keys that I don't use.

Hope this helps

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Post by Nicholas » 10-27-16 3:58 am

Yeah, like miek mentioned, on the desktop versions of Synthesia you can use the configuration window (hold your Shift key while launching the app) to tinker with the metronome. You can change the channel it uses and which MIDI note values it sends.

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