Bug in extra time in Practice Mode

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Post by vicentefer31 » 06-10-09 8:13 am

Hello, I don´t know how to say well the bug in English , so I have made two midis to show it. You only have to play both midis in Practice Mode but don´t play notes. The extra time starts to "run" 1 or 2 seconds after Synthesia is waiting for you play the correct note. This little bug is always if the first measure of the midi doesn't start with a note and starts with a silent.
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Post by Nicholas » 06-11-09 1:08 am

I can confirm the problem.

The leading silence at the beginning of songs has been haunting me since before the very first release. I thought I'd stamped out all those problems.

It'll be fixed before the next preview. (I'd fix it immediately, but right now device input and output are both torn apart and disabled, so the only valid track mode is "Visible Only" which doesn't let you use practice mode. :D )

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Post by Nicholas » 07-05-09 2:13 am

This should be fixed in preview r621. Please let me know. Thanks again for the report!

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