showing same completion status on 2 different midi files

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Post by phoegh » 08-11-17 9:10 am


I'm making 2 versions of a piano lesson for my students on Midi. version 1 is just right hand and left hand. Version 2 is Right Hand, Left Hand and piano accompaniment.
When I test out the midi file(version 1) in synthesia
Finger Lesson 1-2.mid
Version 1
(415 Bytes) Downloaded 64 times
, I would play through, and complete, the lesson in Practice the Melody, Practice the Rhythm, and Song Recital so that it gets the 100% completion.

When I test out Version 2
Finger Lesson 1-2a.mid
Version 2
(909 Bytes) Downloaded 70 times
it shows up as 100% complete, however I didn't practice version 2. Practice the Melody, Practice the Rhythm, and Song Recital would show 15/15 both hands But I Never started the lesson.

Is there a way to fix this? Also is there a way to reset the completion status of a song or lesson?

I tried this on 10.3 and the 11 preview build


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Post by Nicholas » 08-13-17 10:20 pm

We've already been discussing this via email, but for posterity in case others find this same forum topic with the same question:

If a part in a song is an identical duplicate of another in a different song, Synthesia will consider them the same thing. One workaround is to add or change a single note. (Even simply shortening the duration of one note from, say, a quarter to an eighth should do the trick.)

And after that suggestion via email, phoegh found an even better solution: make a tiny (1-2 BPM) tempo change in one of the files. That will also "break" the identical match between the parts, is imperceptible (vs. altering a note's duration), and is one of the easiest actions to perform in most music editors. Thanks again for describing your solution!

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Post by phoegh » 08-14-17 8:50 am

No problem, Glad to be of help!

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