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Post by CaseyD » 12-30-17 1:10 am

Hi there.

Question about integration with an odd and wonderful thing. the LinnStrument.

I have Synthesia set to use the LinnStrument for Midi in and out.

When I am in Synthesia's 'Free Play mode' when I play the LinnStrument I see the proper response on the screen: the screen's keyboard's keys light up appropriately and the fun 'traces" roll up the screen. When I click on keys on Synthesia's display the appropriate pads on the Linnstrument light up. For kicks, if I play my regular keyboard Synthesia's display lights up properly and the pad lights on the LinnStrument also light up. All good.

however if I go into a lesson and select "Watch and Listen Only" no midi is sent to the LinnStrument - at least the device fails to light up as it does in FreePlay mode.

When I am in Synthesia's "Practice the Melody" mode Synthesia will respond properly to the LinnStrument, but fails to light up the anticipated pad. I find this odd, as Synthesia is addressing the LinnStrument properly in the other modes - it's sending the proper MIDI out to light up the corresponding pads on the LinnStrument. What I am expecting to happen is that as the note to be played descends and arrives at the on screen keyboard the corresponding pad on the LinnStrument will light up.

I have messed around with the settings but nothing has resolved this problem. I think there is some thing awry with the Midi output in the 'lesson' modes.

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Post by Dave12 » 12-30-17 10:15 pm

On the Linnstrument, go to "PER SPLIT SETTINGS", Select Midi Mode "ChPerNote", View "Main Chan".
Also noticed when using the LINNSTRUMENT it will sometimes start with 0 BPM. Synthia works OK/fine with single notes, very confusing with both hand Chord playing. Hope that helps.

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Post by CaseyD » 01-03-18 8:18 pm

Hi Dave12, I'll give that a shot. ( moments pass )

well I have much the same situation.

when I enter Synthesia's 'lesson mode' the notes drop down the piano role, and as I press pads I see the on-screen keyboard respond.

however what I am hoping to see - the note to be played lighting up on the LinnStrument - doesn't happen.

but you did inspire me to actually be sure to set Symthesia's output channel to 1, and to tie the LinnStrument down this way:
"PER SPLIT SETTINGS->MidiMode 1 channel
"VIEW" -> Main Channel

which does what I want for the moment. I bet it gets funky with two hand play!

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Post by Dave12 » 01-04-18 8:26 pm

Might have given you miss information with the MidiMode!!! Try the following:

MidiMode -> ChPerNote
"VIEW" -> Main Channel

Also in Synthesia settings I have set:
Music Output:
Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth set with the following:
My Notes, Background Instruments, Percussion and Prevent "local" notes all "Enabled"

LinnStrument MIDI
Key Lights and Prevent "local" notes all "Enabled"

I am running on WIN 7 or IPAD and yes it was a bear to set LinnStrument up compared to my piano, not great but works for me. My knowledge with MIDI is very poor.........

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