Synthesia lost all data

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Post by st5555 » 05-09-18 9:13 am

A couple of days ago, when I started Synthesia I noticed a took a second as it was scanning my computer for midis.
Once loaded, I noticed it was locked, so I re-entered the unlock code.
My profile was gone and all history was blank.
I played a couple of songs and everything seemed to be working as expected.

Wondering where the saved data was, I did a computer search and found two folders in the AppData\Roaming folder:
Synthesia and SynthesiaDev.

The Synthesia folder was dated 12/28/2017 which was right as that's when I purchased the program.
All files in the folder had the current date except for Metadata_store.xml which also was dated 12/28/2017.

The SynthesiaDev folder and files were all dated 1/30/2018.

I have no idea what happened, but I lost almost five months of history. No big deal, I will happily replay the songs to bring my scores back up.

My question is, if I want to back-up my saved data to help prevent this from happening again, I assume all I have to do it copy the AppData\Roaming\Synthesia folder to a safe place?


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Post by Nicholas » 05-09-18 12:33 pm

Sorry for the data loss! I wonder what could have happened. There is an old data corruption bug we've been trying to track down for years and years, but it only seems to affect one file at a time (so, if your unlock were forgotten all of your scores would still be there, etc.)

Otherwise, yes: the Roaming\Synthesia folder is all of Synthesia's data. A regular backup will preserve it. It's normal for the modified dates to all show the most recent time Synthesia was closed. (The SynthesiaDev folder exists because you've run a development preview version of Synthesia, downloaded from the Development Updates section of the forum at some point in the past -- probably in January.)

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