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Post by StartingOver » 07-02-18 11:21 pm

New user and having a great time playing a piano again after many years.

Started out with app on my Mac and mastered a ton of the simpler songs. Would like to move or copy my profile to Win10 PC now connected to piano. Found an old reference (2014) in forum to a configuration tool but it does not seem to exist now.

Is there a way to copy the profile data from Mac to Win10?



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Post by Nicholas » 07-03-18 12:45 am

Yep, we merged the configuration utility right into the app. You can hold your Shift key while launching Synthesia to show the configuration window.

And even between Mac and PC, it should just take copying that folder from the one computer to the other. Good luck!

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Post by st5555 » 07-03-18 12:49 am

I'm not familiar with a Mac, but on a Windows PC your profile is stored here:

Users\(your account name)\AppData\Roaming\Synthesia

It's a hidden folder, so in the Windows explorer window menu click on View and put a check mark for "Hidden Items"

On your Mac, you might find it by searching for a folder named Synthesia. Hopefully someone who's knows Macs can help better.

Edit: Oops, Nicholas posted a better response while I was typing this!

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Post by StartingOver » 07-03-18 11:30 am

Found the utility and copied the files to the Appdata/Roaming/Synthesia folder on Win10.

Starting Synthesia on Win10 gives Synthesia 10.4.4395 Error: Graphics.Monitor.Rectangle must contain four comma separated numbers.

Tried also clearing the Roaming files, restarting app, unlocking, and overwriting individual xml files except Settings.xml (which contains above setting). No go, song scores do not show up.


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Post by StartingOver » 07-03-18 11:34 am

Fixed. Went into settings.xml and deleted the 3 graphics settings keys. Restarted app and al previous data showed up.


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