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Postby birdbrain » 07-14-18 4:36 pm

in Ver 10.5.4664 I Just noticed that the count-in (pre-roll) metronome is counting off 4 beats for a song that is in 3/4. Once the song starts it is 3/4 and all is right in the piece (Minuet in G) (the one that came bundled in synthesia i think). This extra beat throws me off a little.
I hope I am posting this correctly. Maybe i am mistaken? And if it is a legit discovery, I hope I am not beating a dead horse as in this is already a thingy in the works. And if it is a new discovery, I am pleased to discover it. I love this software.

God Bless you,

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Postby birdbrain » 07-14-18 4:40 pm

Never mind. :oops: I just discovered my own fault in the count in. It only ticks off 4 beats when I am rewinding the song to the beginning after having started playing it a bit. So the initial openinging it is on track with the 3/4 time pre-roll.
My deal is, when I get to the end of the song when practicing, I usually just hit the rewind button rather than letting it finish completely and take me out of the song to the scoreing and fanfare page.
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