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Android 8 latency

PostPosted: 07-15-18 1:20 pm
by offrhodes

for the latest beta, the built-in synth on Android has about 100 ms latency. It's too long to use as metronome, note detection gets hit-and-miss and the flow in "Practice-the-melody" mode gets really wobbly.
Unfortunately, my keyboard is not GM so there is no drumset (I might "fake" one by building a multisample for Ch10 but that's a larger project).

Are there any options to speed up audio by configuration options or the like? I suspect it's difficult but maybe there is a known solution.

A workaround would be a "piano metronome option", use the highest "C" on the 88 key piano and velocity for emphasis (or make metronome channel, note and velocity configurable).
It's not pretty but usable, generally compatible and metronome audio comes through the same headphones.

Re: Android 8 latency

PostPosted: 07-15-18 2:41 pm
by Nicholas
The next beta (hopefully not too far off) should improve the latency a great deal and improve the sounds even more.

I've been testing the new synth all week and it's delightful. :D

Re: Android 8 latency

PostPosted: 07-15-18 4:48 pm
by offrhodes
great, looking forward to it...
if the keywords send someone here with the same problem: My workaround is to open Clavia's sample editor, and assign a single "click" sample as "unpitched" across the whole keyboard.
The synth then gets channel 10.

On the Nord Stage I can assign piano sections A and B to channels 1 and 2, respectively, so it is possible to listen to both hands in the piano tracks.
But I feel this is already stretching the limits of a keyboard that (I think) has been advertised as "guaranteed 100 % GM-free" :lol: