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Sound problem

PostPosted: 09-18-18 8:47 am
by Chompy
When the app is not focused or when the screen on the device is turned off (sleep mode), and also when pausing a song, and when switching back from another app, the notes get stuck, playing indefinitely. This is annoying, and should be fixed, as I see it as a bug, or something. It should continue playing the song, even when not focused or screen off (watch and listen only mode), and when in modes other than watch and listen only, the game stops the song and the synth temporarily until the game is switched back to, or the screen turns on. Also, the instruments make this really loud sound when they resume from a suspended note, so this must be fixed. :!:

Game version: 10.5.4792
OS Version: Android 7

Re: Sound problem

PostPosted: 09-18-18 4:51 pm
by Nicholas
Please try the 10.5.4801 beta (which just hit Google Play a few seconds ago).

Audio should now be paused correctly when the app is in the background and there should no longer be a burst of many notes when the app is brought back into the foreground. :)