right and left hand part was mixed on sheet music.

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Postby casualbabies » 09-29-18 4:27 am

would like to display correct sheet music on Synthesia pro.
when tried to display sheet music from imported MIDI file, right and left hand part was mixed
Please advice me

This is a scanned image from real sheet music on MIDI maker software.
https://www.vtuberlive.info/wp-content/ ... iginal.png

when display sheet music, right and left hand part was mixed.
it is difficult to play music.
https://www.vtuberlive.info/wp-content/ ... thesia.png

image from MidiSheetMusic as another midi software for displaying sheet music.
it looks like correct.
https://www.vtuberlive.info/wp-content/ ... ic-2.6.png
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Postby Nicholas » 10-04-18 12:40 am

We're hoping to improve part-staff detection in the upcoming Synthesia 11 update.
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Postby nickc » 10-06-18 1:34 pm

Hello, please could you update us as to when this V11 update will be available with this fix, and approx timeline ?

I reported this issue over a year ago and am still none the wiser ! :|

Thanks for your hard work,

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Postby Nicholas » 10-15-18 11:19 am

The link I posted above to the Synthesia 11 road-map post is still the best place to follow along the progress of the release. The release timeline is when each of those green headings has a "Complete!" next to it.
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