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Posted: 10-01-18 10:01 am
by phiter
I have purchased Synthesia a while ago and I've been using it to play piano.

I have a Casio CDP-220R Digital Piano and my smartphone is a Motorola Moto G5 Plus with Android 8.1.

I have a USB cable and I connect the piano to my Android device using an OTG adapter.

So, here's what happens:

When I'm previewing a midi or using "Watch and Listen Only" mode, I have to keep pressing the pedal in order to hear the song on the piano.

If I don't hold the pedal, it usually plays the first few notes and then it stops. I have to press the pedal and then release again. The notes that didn't play kind of stack up and play all at once when I release the pedal. I tried unplugging the pedal from the keyboard and the same thing happens.

I don't remember if this happened on Android 7.0 before the update, so I'll have to make that test later.

This issue is kinda frustrating because I have to keep stepping on the pedal nonstop in order to hear the song. And even pressing repeatedly it still glitches a bit.

The issue is similar to this one:viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8868

Any ideas what it could be?

Posted: 10-01-18 7:25 pm
by Nicholas
If you opt-into the 10.5 beta (and wait until Google Play sends you the update and it says 10.5.xxxx at the lower-right corner of the title screen), does that solve the problem?

Posted: 04-21-19 4:46 pm
by phiter
Hey Nicholas, sorry for not replying before. I don't have that phone anymore, now I'm using an Moto G6 Plus with Android 9 and I don't have this problem on my new device. And I don't remember if it ever got fixed on my Moto g5.