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Postby joffreyR92 » 10-02-18 9:32 am


I just connected my piano with synthesia with a midi cable. However, when I press a key on my piano (in a free session for exemple), it doesn't work very nice because the note remains pressed on synthesia even when I stop pressing it on my piano. Besides, when i press several notes in a raw, synthesia doesn't follow and plays just a part of the notes I pressed (which remains pressed indefinitly btw). How can i fix that ?

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Postby Nicholas » 10-04-18 12:56 am

Are you using a USB-to-MIDI adapter to connect your keyboard? Does it look like either of the adapters in the first two posts, here?
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Postby joffreyR92 » 10-05-18 12:30 pm

Yes, i use a midi to usb câble and a USB to usb-c adaptator.
The cable is the first one we see on the post.
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Postby Nicholas » 10-06-18 12:28 am

Like the message on that page describes, keys remaining held are the kinds of glitches that generic, no-brand adapter causes. Switching to a higher quality adapter should fix the problem.
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