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Problems with Kawai ES8 and synthesia

Posted: 10-13-18 3:17 pm
by nickc
Hi Guys,
Does anybody use a Kawai ES8 keyboard, and have you managed to link it to Synthesia successfully ?

I am having problems with some of the MIDI tracks purchased from this site which worked on my older Yamaha YDP161.

I have just purchased the Piano Man track and after about 34 secs the sound disappears from the playing music and my keyboard input for something like 15 secs and then reappears and disappears throughout. I have the latest Windows 10 MIDI driver and also tried the latest Kawai driver but same problem. Don’t know if it is an issue with the keyboard, Drivers or MIDI track ? I have tried 3 different versions of Synthesia 10.4 to 10.5 same issue.

Or perhaps you know how to test a MIDI driver with a particular keyboard. This is driving me round the bend as I am an IT person but everything I have tried does not seem to work. The piano was newly released a couple of years ago and so this should be a very modern technologically advanced machine !. I have also played with the midi sett8ngs and can’t get around the problem !

Please can somebody help me....please :cry:

Many thanks in advance,

Re: Problems with Kawai ES8 and synthesia

Posted: 11-08-18 2:28 am
by Nicholas
Just a quick follow-up for anyone that happens to run into the same trouble with their ES8. nickc eventually discovered the answer and let me know through email: "turn Multi-timbre=ON and Trans. PGM# = OFF"