how to make export video avi version 10.4

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Post by hungpiano » 10-13-18 8:57 pm

Hi everyone
I'm use Synthesia 10.4.4
how to make export video file AVI
Please help me, thanks.

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Post by edc » 10-14-18 3:58 pm

Hi, I have a similar question. I downloaded Synthesia and Synthesia Video Creator. I unlocked Synthesia on my computer using the short code I received in my email from Synthesia, but the video creator for Mac is still locked and I can't unlock it. Holding down the shift key doesn't give me a way to unlock it and I can't see any other place to unlock it. How can we do this?

I think it's the video creator that allows users to make AVI videos, right?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Synthesia Version 10.4.4395
Synthesia Video Creator Version 10.4 (for Mac)

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Post by Nicholas » 10-15-18 8:35 am

Hmm, unlocking the normal app (and then closing it before launching the Video Creator) should be enough to also unlock the Video Creator.

Regarding AVI output, that is a Windows-only feature (because it uses some of the built-in features in Windows to produce the file). We're looking into an equivalent MOV file output for the Mac version of the video creator. Really, though, the higher-priority task is to add something even better-supported (like MP4) to both at the same time.

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Post by hungmusic » 10-16-18 3:52 am

Thanks ;)

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