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(Re-)setting loops with the right mouse button

Posted: 10-25-18 4:51 am
by monkel
I guess it's a feature on Windows: You can define a loop section by dragging a section in the green timeline with the right mouse button held.

Problem: when you use Synthesia on a Windows tablet and use the touch interface to jump to a section in the song, my computer is setup to recognize a longer held finger to a spot as a right click, thus either setting an unwanted loop and / or removing an intentional loop this way.

As I'm perfectly happy with using the loop button to get into the loop edit mode, is there a way to disable the right button functionality in the Windows version of Synthesa?

Tested in the latest released version and 10.5.4801

Re: (Re-)setting loops with the right mouse button

Posted: 11-08-18 3:02 am
by Nicholas
monkel wrote:... is there a way to disable the right button functionality...
Not today, sorry! The good news: in the very next dev preview (back to Synthesia 11), I've got a completely new set of interactions planned for dragging loops around. The right-click shortcut is pretty rough around the edges today -- notably missing the ability to slightly adjust a loop from the timeline instead of just blowing the whole thing away.

That hasn't been a great experience for years now even though it's become a solved problem in other touchscreen apps (like GarageBand or iMovie) in the intervening period.