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Postby ofzatt » 11-19-18 11:02 am

Synthesia can't display the correct name of the song. When I download a midi file named "a-b-c-d.mid" and rename it to "a b c d.mid". But Synthesia can not display the new name correctly, it is always "a-b-c-d.mid" even though I copied the file "a b c d.mid" and paste it in a new location. What should I do?
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Postby Nicholas » 11-19-18 12:15 pm

I'm guessing Synthesia is seeing the original file first. It won't add the same (exact copy) song to the list more than once, so once it's able to identify that "a b c d" contains exactly the same contents as "a-b-c-d" it just skips it instead.

If you adjust which folders Synthesia scans (via the Settings --> Songs menu) so that it no longer looks through the folder that contains "a-b-c-d", it should appear correctly the next time you start the app.
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Postby ofzatt » 11-20-18 3:38 am

Thanks, i will try this now.

Also, I noticed in some songs, Synthesia displays (on the dropping bars and keyboards) some strange notes (which is really not strange if we know the pitch), like Fb, Bbb .... To force the Synthesia to display as a standard: like C, D, E, F, G, A, B and C #, D #, E #, F #, G #, A #, B #?
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Postby Nicholas » 11-20-18 2:01 pm

Try the "Simple Names" label mode. That one forces just the usual C, D, E, etc. onto the white keys (leaving the black keys blank so they can be interpreted either as plain flats or sharps).
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