Error message in the 10.5

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Post by Isaackv » 11-23-18 12:32 pm


I wanted to taste the new version and got the following message when calling up the notes - see attachment. More or less I can do something with it, I just do not realize what exactly I should enter in colors.xml.

Would be nice of you, if someone could send me an appropriate line, or which line I can use for it.

Version 10.4 works perfectly

Thanks, Karsten
error message
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Post by Nicholas » 11-23-18 2:32 pm

That just means the new version is expecting an entry in your old colors.xml that isn't there.

Just grab the newest colors.xml (pink box, here), and search (Ctrl-F) for "notationBackground". You should just be able to copy-paste that line into your colors.xml and get one step closer to it working.

I can't remember if that was the only color added in 10.5. If it was, that will also be the only step. :D

(A better long-term answer is to become familiar with a nice, visual "diff" tool. Maybe something like the free WinMerge. That will show your version side-by-side with the new one and highlight exactly which lines are different between the two. It makes it very easy to location new/missing stuff, and you can "fix" it -- by using the other file's line -- in two clicks. That's what the "be sure to merge your changes" part means in that message.)

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