cannot transfer data of splitting of hands for midi sharing

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Postby jastan82 » 11-28-18 2:07 am


I share some of the midi music I make with friends, but am unable to figure out how to transfer the data along with the midi file.

Basically i create the midi in Logic x, then open up the midi in synthesia to split the parts. I downloaded the metadata software to save the information to a .synthesia file, and then send the synthesia and midi file to my friend to place in the same location in her computer. I am assuming the names must be the same. Anything else that I am missing, as it does not work?

I use a macbook pro, and synthesia 10.4.
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Postby Nicholas » 11-29-18 3:11 am

Hmm, it sounds like you're doing everything correctly.

The .synthesia file doesn't need to share the same name. (You can actually have many songs worth of metadata in a single .synthesia file.) And the song file itself can have any name on the other computer, so long as its contents haven't been changed at all (not even a single byte).

So long as Synthesia can find both the song and the metadata (the easiest way is to put them in the same folder), it should be applying the metadata automatically. The only problem that can usually come up is that "local" edits (say, if your friend changed a finger hint before you sent along the metadata file) will take priority. (The order is: built-in metadata < .synthesia files < locally entered data.)
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Postby jastan82 » 12-04-18 1:40 am

Thank you for your reply,

Relieved to know that the steps should be correct. I will try to resend the original midi together with the synthesia file again for my friends to try, thanks!
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