Input/Output Android disappears after a short while

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Post by matthacker » 01-02-19 1:43 am

Hi I have been trying to figure out why my issue happens, but no luck

I have installed Emteria.OS on a Raspberry Pi B 3+

Installed Synthesia 10.5 android version, and the app works fine.

I plug in my Yamaha DGX-620 and synthesia discovers it, YEA! :)

But not there yet apparently, because when I try to preview a song the sound disappears, and also if I go into practice mode, it doesn't register the keys on my piano.

I know that it should work because I was able to press the lowest and highest key on my keyboard.

The cable to connect the keyboard to a raspberry pi works fine on my samsung galaxy s7 edge or a windows laptop.

So not sure what is happening, only know that Input/Output stops working.

hope someone knows :)

regards Alex

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Post by Nicholas » 01-02-19 1:18 pm

Assuming you're using a more recent version of Synthesia 10.5, do you see a choice for "Music Device Connection Method" on the Settings screen (just above the device lists)?

You may have better luck with the "Android M MIDI" option (assuming Emteria.OS supports it).

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Post by matthacker » 01-02-19 5:24 pm

Already tried that with no luck :-/

When I select that option it can't even detect the keyboard. So guess that is not something they have implemented.

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Post by yacoob » 10-18-19 8:14 pm

Same behaviour here: Galaxy Tab S3 plus Yamaha DGX-620. With the native driver I can start practicing the song (wait-for-note mode) up to a point, then roughly half-way through a mid-sized song Synthesia stops seeing input from the keyboard. No message, no error displayed, just the keypresses no longer are visualised on the onscreen piano, and of course you can't progress with the song. I need to power the piano off then on to bring it back.

With "Android M" driver the piano doesn't even show up as a device on the list of devices in Synthesia, so that's not an option for me.

I'd love to help to debug this - is there anything I can give you (debug output, midi snoop, etc) that would help here? It's not my piano, so I haven't had good opportunities to test other devices, but I can try.


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Post by Nicholas » 10-28-19 7:42 am

(Sorry for the wait on this!)

Hmm, I know that most of the higher-end Yamaha models use something called "Active Sense" which constantly hammers out dozens of MIDI messages each second as a kind of "I'm still here / the cable is still connected / everything is still good" signal. (The idea is that if more than 100 milliseconds or so elapses and you don't receive an Active Sense message, something bad must have happened like the cable being tripped over, etc.)

Sometimes a constant stream of messages like that can overwhelm things and might be able to cause a disconnect like that. I'm not sure about every model, but sometimes there is a way in the keyboard's settings to disable Active Sense. If you can find something like that, does that help keep the connection more stable?

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