Ultrawide Monitor - Dsplay Problems

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  • If your keyboard has USB or MIDI ports, there is a tremendously high chance (>99%) it will work with Synthesia. See what you'll need on the keyboards page.
  • If you have a Logitech webcam and can't get your keyboard/adapter to work, see this post.
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Post by gwales » 01-19-19 5:51 am

I have a new MacBook Pro and downloaded Synthesia. I haven't used it for about 5 years. My main monitor is an LG 34" ultrawide. I'm running Mojave on the Mac.

I downloaded the latest version and opened it. The app shows some giant text on my ultrawide display, but as if I'm only looking at a quarter of the normal window. When I drag the window to my Mac monitor, it's normal.

I can't see any controls in the app for display settings and I have never come across this behaviour in any app before. Looking on the web I can see ultrawides can cause problems with font rendering and other stuff, but not windows downsizing with giant text.

Any ideas?

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Post by gwales » 01-19-19 10:07 am

OK, I used 'clamshell' mode and it fixed it.

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Post by Nicholas » 01-19-19 3:26 pm

Interesting, I'm not sure I know what "clamshell" mode is.

Otherwise, if it's the problem that I think it is, you can also solve it by right-clicking the app, going to Show Info, and choosing "Open in Low Resolution Mode". (We're hoping to finally have that bug fixed in the Synthesia 10.6 update.)

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