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"8va" notes don't have lines

Posted: 06-12-19 6:27 am
by jeikobus
[Windows 10/Synthesia 10.5.1] Pretty clear cut once you see the picture. This basically makes it functionally impossible to read notes in high octaves, which I don't get because older versions supported high octave notes with lines almost indefinitely. Either way I hope there's a fix beyond "it will be addressed in the next big update."

Bonus points if you somehow recognize the song.

Re: "8va" notes don't have lines

Posted: 06-12-19 1:17 pm
by Nicholas
Hmm, I don't remember a new (artificial) limit on ledger lines.

I can do a little better than "next big update". How about "very next development preview"? The eventual answer (in Synthesia 11) will be to actually draw it as 8va, but for now the least we can do is have the lines show up.

Re: "8va" notes don't have lines

Posted: 06-13-19 12:52 am
by jeikobus
Thank you; I was a bit harsh. And yes this does happen to other songs. I do appreciate the cleaner UI from .4 and am definitely looking forward to update 11.