Overlapping Accidentals

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Post by lilalinux » 01-08-20 11:18 am


Accidentals are overlapping and thus unreadable (see Screenshot).

I'm using Synthesia on iPad Pro 2018, but it's also happening on OS X Catalina.

overlapping.jpeg (583.58 KiB) Viewed 4194 times

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Post by Nicholas » 01-08-20 12:20 pm

Sorry for the trouble. This will be fixed by Synthesia 11.

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Post by ofzatt » 01-10-20 11:38 pm

Hello Nicholas

I don't know if Synthesia will save the settings for the channels of a multi-track song? If yes, please let me know where, and how to edit them. I want to apply 1 setting for all the songs I have (duplicated and change the name song, i think).

Also, please try to add a batch rendering feature to the upcoming updated version of Video Creator, I really need it, thank you.

And does Video creator use cpu to export? I just upgraded vga but the export time is the same.

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Post by Nicholas » 01-13-20 10:10 am

For replicating settings across multiple songs (if I understood you correctly), you may be able to use the Metadata Editor. Assuming the songs had the same general internal structure (number of tracks, order of tracks for left/right hand, etc.), you could extract the settings for one of them, then copy-paste some of that between the fields in the Metadata Editor.

Batch/command-line rendering is definitely on the list for the next Video Creator update.

And, unfortunately, everything is done on the CPU for now (although it'll use as many cores/threads as you have available, which should help). You may be able to work around this if you use the Windows version of the tool, export as AVI, and choose a codec that has GPU acceleration. I don't know of any codecs that fit that description, but it would technically be a workaround.

Otherwise, I've got "experiment with hardware accelerated video encoding (NVENC, AMD VCN, and Intel Quick Sync)" rather far down the task list (after Synthesia 11 at around line 1420 right now).

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Post by ofzatt » 01-14-20 2:57 am

Thanks for your efforts, I can't wait for the next releases of Synthesia, as well as Video Creator. ;)

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Post by ofzatt » 03-04-20 8:59 pm

Today I tried to "apply" the "Hands, color and instrusment" setting of one multitrack song to other multitrack songs. The result was impossible.
Using metadata only allows me to see the unique id of one song, no extra infor, so i can't copy-past that setting for other songs.
A.jpg (56.89 KiB) Viewed 3650 times
I noticed that you saved the "Hands, color and instrusment" settings in a file named "track" with the following syntax:
B.jpg (111.9 KiB) Viewed 3650 times
I tried duplicating it and changing the id (i think it is unique taken from metadata) at key hash= to the id of another song, but synthesia still couldn't apply to other songs.

In theory, a midi file has a maximum of 16 channels. Regardless of how many channels the song uses, I only want display channel 1, hiding the remaining channels, so I try to copy <property version = "1" color = "6" colorL = "6" colorR = "6" /> out 15 times and leave the first line, but this duplication seems impossible with synthesia.

I do not know whether I did it right? Got any suggestions for me?

Also, to be honest, I really need the Video Import's Bulk Import and Export feature, can't be patient to wait for a complete update for the VC,. If it's ready, can you send me the pre-build of Video creator with this function?

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Post by Nicholas » 03-05-20 10:07 am

Did you perform the "Import Data from Synthesia" step? That should fill in the rest of the boxes.

After that, it should just take copy-pasting the Hands line between songs.

(We're working on Synthesia 10.7 right now. The Video Creator isn't anywhere close to running again. The old code hasn't been buildable since 2017. And the new version is going to be built almost from the ground-up. There isn't anything ready to share and there won't be for a while. You may be able to get closer to a bulk export feature using the existing Video Creator along with a utility like AutoHotKey to manipulate the controls and perform automation.)

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Post by ofzatt » 03-05-20 9:41 pm

i see, thanks for your infomation :D

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