synthesia kills sight reading?

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Postby savash » 02-20-17 4:35 am

My girl is trying to learn piano,

Last year we used classical methods by reading from note sheet.

For 2 months we are practicing with synthesia.

First try with synthesia, default song:

Second try with midi import, burgmullers arabesque:

She learns fast, and enjoys playing with synthesia .

What I want to ask is, shall we continue with synthesia, or disable dropping bars and keyboard tip?

People dont know synthesia say it kills sight reading? Any suggestions?
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Postby Nicholas » 02-21-17 4:11 am

I think it looks like she's doing a fine job. :D

For what it's worth, Synthesia 11 will be dramatically improving the quality of the sheet music display. So, if you wanted to lean more heavily on traditional notation while still using the other features (like melody practice and progress tracking), that will be possible.

In the meantime, you can bind the Settings -> Shortcuts -> "Toggle All Notes Hidden" shortcut to something like a piano key temporarily, start a song, hide the falling notes, and then unbind that shortcut. That will leave only the sheet music and keyboard. (Synthesia 11 will be promoting this option right to the play screen where you'll be able to independently toggle the falling notes the same way you can the sheet music today.)
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Postby savash » 02-21-17 1:16 pm

Thank you nicholas, I look forward to see more quality of the note sheet. Especially if we can type the notes with an editor, for example online website noteflight, and import into syhthesia that would be great.

I want to see the expressions p, f mf values and < > signs that would be awesome.

I am not a piano teacher, just a dad who helps her kid to play better with everyday work, synthesia is amazingly helping to us alot. When she scores better point, she jumps and gets very happy. Thank you for this awesome app, keep up the good work ....
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Postby Nicholas » 02-21-17 11:00 pm

I'm not sure about Noteflight but a few of the free editors out there (at least MuseScore and Finale Notepad) can export as MusicXML. If you create pieces there, Synthesia 11 will be able to load them with most/all of the musical details (including p, f, mf, and < > signs) intact.
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Postby savash » 02-22-17 3:17 pm

Thank you Nicholas, I look forward to see Synthesia 11. :D :) ;)
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