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Post by Choul » 06-26-10 7:52 pm

Added 3 pieces for Beginners level 4

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Post by Rickeeey » 09-06-10 5:03 am

Once again, why is this empty?

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Post by Nicholas » 09-07-10 1:50 pm

I believe Choul was worried that most of the other parts of the forum contained MIDI files of questionable (or downright blatantly abused) copyright. Even though everything he was posting was public domain, it's my understanding he was worried that if there was ever some sort of legal crack-down on the site, he might get lumped into the group of "people submitting [illicit] MIDI files".

He was right. I quickly took down the Song Requests section of the forum. I need something with stronger language regarding copyright. The upcoming song submission process will have it. Hopefully Choul will return and bring all of his files with him when that happens.

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Post by weirdrubikscube » 12-04-11 6:33 pm

I just downloaded this app for the first time and purchased the learning pack but I do not see any Turkish March in the 155 songs included.

am I missing something ?

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Post by Nicholas » 12-04-11 7:07 pm

The Learning Pack is more about the features listed on this page.

They work with any song you can find on the Internet. Including arrangements of the Turkish March like you can find on pages like this one.

If you're looking for something specific, you can usually just search for the song title or author name and include the word MIDI on the end of the search.

Once you have the MIDI file, drop it on the "Synthesia Music" folder in your Documents folder and it should show up in Synthesia the next time you run it.

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Post by weirdrubikscube » 12-05-11 1:18 pm

thanks for the info but I've already downloaded a midi file

but earlier in this forum thread it has been said it was added to the songs:

Choul wrote:Added Slumber Song, Echo Song and Ade Auf Wiedersehn for beginners, see first post;

Added Contredance and Turkish March Theme by Beethoven in level 4;

Added Avalanche by Stephen Heller and Schumann pieces in level 3.
that's why I don't get why I do not have those songs in the ones included

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Post by Nicholas » 12-05-11 1:26 pm

This thread was a project by Choul to transcribe a number of songs and make them available for forum users. If you read the very first post in this topic, you'll see he later removed all of them due to copyright concerns (despite all of the songs being perfectly legally posted because they were all transcriptions from public domain works).

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Post by weirdrubikscube » 12-05-11 1:34 pm

I see...

thanks for the clarification !

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Post by Nicholas » 12-05-11 1:46 pm

Actually, going back and re-reading the first post again myself... it's worth clarifying that "all the illegal stuff" that was "getting worse" is no more. That was before I cracked down on people randomly posting attachments with MIDI files still under copyright.

Without that clarification, his post probably sounds a little scary. ;)

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Post by seventyfive » 12-11-12 10:23 pm

Hi there -
I just downloaded Synthesia, found this thread while searching for midis to add, and am wondering what ever happened to all of the great work that Choul did? The last reply was over a year ago, but
I couldn't find the Different Composers Midi Files download in a new thread, so I assume this hope: "Hopefully Choul will return and bring all of his files with him when that happens" never materialized?

As his collection was always perfectly legal - if anyone who previously downloaded the set of midis would care to share, please send me a message! Or if anyone knows if he maintains his own site with the files available, a link would be much appreciated.


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Post by jimhenry » 12-12-12 2:11 am

The problem is that Choul's work is perfectly legal but the MIDI sequencing is copyrighted by him. Without Choul's permission his work cannot be posted and he explicitly withdrew that permission in the first post.
Jim Henry
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Post by seventyfive » 12-12-12 12:39 pm

@Choul - if you're still around, monitoring this chat or your private messages, and are still interested in sharing your work, just not on this forum, please contact me.

Perhaps there is another way to transfer the files (via email or a legal file sharing site) that you would feel comfortable doing, something that maintains the separation between you and the formerly questionable activities on this forum. I would sincerely appreciate the chance to take advantage of all your great work!


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