Is the really no site with recommended MIDI's ?

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Post by walther » 07-26-10 6:47 am

When I look for a song, I can find maybe 2-5 versions, on 50 websites. (takes a looong time)

Then for each version I have to open it in Synthesia to see if it is suitable for piano, and disable/enable many tracks etc.
If no version is suitable, I have to edit the MIDI in another progrem etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

So, I was wondering is there no website or collection of suitable piano MIDI's ?

Or do I have to make one myself ?

(I do not need another link for a MIDI site with MIDI's that have 50 instruments in them)


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Post by Pianotehead » 07-26-10 6:19 pm

You took the words right of my mouth on this matter, walther.

The files on for pop/rock songs are maybe not bad, but it takes forever to pick out 3 - 4 instruments without converting the song into Twinkle, twinkle little star. Then there is sometimes the task of transposing and reading into notes generating program.

In this case maybe the best way to save money is to stop saving it and buy sheet music from websites or simply books? Because the time spent doing all this work is in most cases money!

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