Has anyone tried "Piano Lesson Package for Synthesia"

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Post by artur » 01-16-13 4:46 am

I'm glad to say, that Piano Lesson Package for Synthesia works like a charm with iPad, once you move all the MIDI files from the package into the shared folder for the Synthesia.

I would also recommend getting the iRig MIDI device in order to plug your iPad to the digital piano, so that Synthesia for iPad will truly become an interactive teaching device for any pianists.

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Post by TonE » 09-01-13 8:12 am

artur wrote:Also, a real single piano lesson is more or less priced the same as my package. Sure, you cannot compare apples and oranges, but I believe my package contains lot of apples for you to enjoy for the price.
You can price your products and services as you like, but the comparison of a 'digital package' to a real human piano course is nonsense. The digital package can be copied 100 million times at no cost, a real human piano course can not. What this means for the price you can calculate yourself. Anyway for any product sales is A * B. You can make A bigger or B bigger, it does not matter, important is to make A * B bigger, anything is allowed what makes A * B bigger. If one of those (A or B) limits to zero, the strategy is wrong.

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Post by jeanluc » 09-07-13 5:24 am

Just a question: is it usable with a 61 keys keyboard ?
Edit: I asked directly to the author: the answer is yes

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Post by kiwi » 09-09-13 9:12 am

Sometimes a good package is better than a bad teacher too...

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Post by Laserbeak43 » 09-11-13 8:12 am

chsonnu wrote:I've done the first ten lessons which are great. I'm stuck on 11 & 12 though. They're supposed to be reviews of the past lessons but they actually demand you do things you were never taught. Which fingers do we use on the bass clef lower octave? Index finger for note B and ring finger for note G? Or do we scale down like was taught in the previous lessons?
lol!! thats me.

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Post by actxc » 01-13-14 9:54 am

I am disappointed.
I am sure that Artur put a lot of work into it. Thank you for being one of the first teachers who tried some thing.
The course contains 60 promising lessons?
Until lesson number fourteen, it develops nice.
Then it comes to lesson number 15 and there will be nothing else then scales.
OK, scales need to be learned.
But 35 scales are not more and not less than drill of scales. Not 35 lessons.
I feels like "let the new one learner feel all the pain I went trough while studying my enemy: the piano..."
I started with Synthesia because I thought there are other possibilities to learn piano.
Can learning be a fun experience?
The lessons 51-60 are chord progression. Ok - but...
I can not recommend this package.
If Artur would add a small song to each scale, to see what it does - or offer some chords to improvise with the scale. -
I am open to change my mind and pay an update if the second edition contains fun lessons!

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Post by marius4560 » 04-06-14 11:15 pm

Should I go through the songs included with Synthesia before getting this or is it better to start with this pack?

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Post by alexander » 08-15-14 11:22 am

I"m trying out the sample package (first 3 lessons) but the finger hints (finger number to use) to use for each note aren't displayed as expected, even with the unlocked synthesia and finger hints switched on.

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Post by Nicholas » 08-17-14 4:42 pm

It looks like Artur's sample download doesn't contain any .synthesia metadata files. That means there aren't any finger hints. (Ideally he would add that file to allow people the best trial experience of his lesson package.)

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Post by artur » 12-10-14 1:16 am

Hello all,

Thank you for all your comments. Based on the reviews, I am working on a revision of the package which will be available to those who have already purchased the package and will be included in the new purchase for those who haven't bought it yet.

I will also inlcude the fingering metadata files into the sample download, will inform of the update here when it's done.

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Post by artur » 12-10-14 1:29 am

The sample material now includes fingering data that can be installed as well to try out the feature.

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Post by chuku1981 » 01-29-15 8:17 am

artur wrote:
ForHonour wrote:Hello,
I have purchased the lesson package and have not yet received any download links/package. Anyone has the owner's email contact??

Send me an email and I will provide you a download link.
I'm having the same scenario. purchased the lessons a few days ago and haven't received an automatic download/download email. I sent an email to the info@arturgajewski.com but haven't quite got a response back yet.

Thanks again.

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Post by artur » 01-29-15 8:58 am

Sent you an email, been away from the computer for few days ;-)

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Post by jeanluc » 04-17-15 8:39 pm

artur wrote: Thank you for all your comments. Based on the reviews, I am working on a revision of the package which will be available to those who have already purchased the package and will be included in the new purchase for those who haven't bought it yet.

I remember having bought you package one year or two.If I'm available to get this revision, could you tell me the procedure to follw ?


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Post by artur » 04-20-15 4:54 am

Send me an email and I will write you back ;-)

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