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Postby ArcherTroy » 11-27-11 3:19 pm

Hey everyone.

Im about to dive, headfirst, into trying to learn to play the piano through the internet and without a teacher. Synthesia looks perfect for this.

However, I cant quite decide on the best keyboard to buy.

I've all but settled on the M-Audio Keystation 88 ES 88-Key MIDI Controller.
it looked perfect: Cheap, 88 keys, semi-weighted, good reviews, cool add-ons.

my only issue is that i REALLY want to take advantage of the lighted keys option that Synthesia offers, and the M-Audio does not have that option.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a keyboard that is similar to the awesomeness of the M-Audio Keystation, but with lighted keys also? Should I be willing to sacrifice on the other great options like the 88 semi-weighted keys for lighted instead? Im willing to spend a bit more, but not by much.

Thanks everyone,

Happy playing.
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Postby Laserbeak43 » 11-27-11 4:14 pm

you could probably find lighted keys for under 100 bucks and possibly learn tons from it and upgrade to what you really want later...
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Postby stephenhazel » 11-27-11 4:26 pm

depends on your goals.

do you want to dink around with a glitzy toy piano?
or do you want to really LEARN piano?

If you don't care about playing real songs, get a lighted keyboard.
Don't get a weighted keyboard. 3 octaves is plenty.
Make SURE you have the lights cuz they'll teach you to look at
your fingers rather than the music. The music - pfff...
Do not even think about paying a piano teacher.
Also, never ask for help at ... Forum.html
You can impress your newb friends with your
pc, midi cables, teeny little toy piano and it's cute little lights.
And they'll think you're a boss - especially if the song is played for you.
You don't want to mess the song up by playin it yourself.

But, say for example, you really wanted to LEARN piano...
You could get by without a teacher. But it'll be slow going.
And you may quit without someone encouraging you and
showing you all the tricks (there are a LOT of em) and
making you look like a fool for not practicing.
oh and there's also this...:)

Good luck to you. Piano is wonderful and highly addictive.
But it's a pretty deep skill requiring at least 30 mins 4 days per week (at LEAST:)
Oh you'll start off with 30 mins twice a week.
But after you learn that FIRST song that you TRULY LOVE, welll, things will change !!
You won't get that same high from just 2 days a week.
You've got to feeeeeed the beast...
Go on. Feed it.
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