So how good is the sheetmusic option

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Post by Kevf » 01-20-12 8:02 am

Fired up Synthesia again (2nd time, sorry :mrgreen: ) and saw that there's a sheetmusicoption. Only downside: you have to pay 25,- for it. I'm a pianoplayer somewhere between beginner and intermediate and know how to read sheatmusic, know the scales etc. Ie having the possibility to read the sheets while using Synth would be great. But before I pay for this option: is it worth it? Can I use my own midi's, no bugs or restrictions?

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Post by Nicholas » 01-20-12 10:36 am

All of the Learning Pack features work with every MIDI file.

Though, as a full disclosure: while the sheet display has seen a number of major improvements in the most recent release, sheet music is a really complicated beast. MIDI as a file format doesn't have the ability to express everything you can in sheet (repeats, trills, and a handful of others) and even then, Synthesia isn't perfect at picking up on all the things it can. It's especially poor when the source MIDI isn't quantized nicely.

That said, it's already pretty good the Learning Pack is a one-time purchase with free upgrades forever. When any remaining sheet music quirks are worked out, you'll be able to get those new changes right away at no cost.

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