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Posted: 10-01-13 8:27 am
by kiwi
Hi all,
Right now i learn the famous Superstition by Stevie Wonder.
I share the idea because the riff is sounding good and can be pleasant to ear at lower tempo so it become more blues.
So the goal is to play it beetween 50 and 70% of the speed and it become really blues.
Then to play it to 100% in a funky mood (try the clavinet sound of you're synth) so u learn the funky touch too ;)

You can easyly find the midi file in Google

Here's how it sound in synthesia at lower tempo 74 (original tempo is 101)!PZ0SWZLI!ZwGXcFxI7 ... Q_M1tGw_MI

It's the piano part but clavinet is good too but a little more funky anyway both are good to learn and then to mix up together...

Well the Final goal is more to be able to improvise than to play the song itself :mrgreen:
The gamme is Eb minor pentatonic use the blue note or no it's you're choice :)
So all the black keys works good try to improvise with the playback only on black key
Here's the playback tempo 80!rA01xJQb!PPWxuh_da ... G0JAr6oJAI

I also recommend the stevie ray Vaughan/stevie Wonder version the guitar of stevie here he is just awesome:

Beetween the bass part is good to learn to piano or bass ^^

Here's the scale well only black keys anyway

Posted: 10-03-13 11:52 am
by kiwi
Here's: arpeggios, melodic/ Harmonic minor relative of F# major good to works with Superstition cause scales are in another mood but it can give interesting result ^^

Ps: how I can Embed the video :(

Posted: 10-03-13 9:31 pm
by Nicholas
Embedding isn't too hard (hover over the "youtube=" button to see how), but for that particular video it looks like the author disabled embedding.

Posted: 10-03-13 11:38 pm
by kiwi
Thx for the hint but with or without "=" it don't works and when i howver the youtube there's somes number Inside the balise oO maybe all videos in my post doesn't allow the embbed function?

Posted: 10-05-13 4:58 pm
by Nicholas
I just adjusted one of your YouTube links above to embed it. It looks like it worked on my side. Were you trying to use the tag the way I just did?

Posted: 10-06-13 6:06 pm
by kiwi
Thx Nicholas it works the problem was "[youtube=640,386]"