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Post by megoosta » 12-18-14 5:13 pm

Hi guys, something I've been thinking of lately.

So we learn a song in Synthesia due to repetition but here's the thing (and this goes to those experienced Synthesia players, not piano players)...

If I were to throw you a random midi file right now, would your fingers know exactly where each line goes and be able to play like the clips we see on Youtube?

Kinda like dance dance revolution with the feet movements.

That's my question.

I'm getting good at playing 1 song and when I load a new midi I just don't flow despite knowing that the same keys were used in the song I actually know.

Will I 'get it' eventually or will it stay like this?

Many thanks in advance and merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah to you and yours.


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Post by francis » 12-18-14 7:37 pm

reading your post i get the impression your problem has little, if anything to do with synthesia.
it looks more like your approach is not working for you.
but there's not much to work with.

you'll not stay like this if you keep going, but if your practice methods hold you back, you will get frustated cause you'll always feel thrown back to square 1.

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Post by kiwi » 12-19-14 3:08 am

For easy songs i can play them right away.
Synthesia falling bar are like sheet music.
So yes it's possible depending on you're skills.
A good player with good technique 'll play the hard pièces right away.
Dance dance revolution have limited pattern in term of hand position; on a keyboard we use 10 fingers so it's more difficult yes.

Anyway for medium songs if i can play them right away i just need to work a little and voila :)
And for hard songs i just need to works very much XD but hey that's all the fun of Learning.

So skills are important (i mean fingering,dexterity good rhytm etc...)

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Post by svarn » 01-01-15 5:14 am

I've asked a similar question to yours, however my problem is to be able to play with both hands.

So if u were "to throw a random midi at me", I would probably be able to play it, but not with both hands at once (unless it would be something easy). I might have to listen to it 1st thou, in order to tell whats the "mood" and how should i articulate notes. And of course "random midi" is a rather broad term :d Since it can be "twinkle twinkle little star" or some sort of a freaking piano concerto =) But I guess that you can play even that if you were to slow down and to 10% speed.
What seems to be the problem is that notes of right and left hand are usually too far apart for me to see them at once, so I kinda need to be looking at two places at once, and sometimes even four places if I actually have to look at piano to play some sort of weird chord or a jump.

So if one hand at a time is good enought for you to play, then by all means. In fact I think synthesia is a much easier way to do this then music sheets, since it's visually much cleaner, and all the black keys are color coded so you don't even need to know what scale are you playing in.

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Post by kiwi » 01-01-15 11:32 am

Yep global view is needed in music, i mean ability to look both hand ,ability to look 3 or 4 bars forward etc...
With practicing you' ll see clearly the things.

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