Should I do the scales with both hands?

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Post by Svish » 12-18-14 7:19 pm

Just started learning piano and discovered Synthesia yesterday. Awesome software!

After reading around here a bit, it seems I should put more focus on the scales than on the songs? To build up muscle memories and such? Is that correct? If so I'm wondering if you recommend starting doing them with both hands right away to get used to that, or if it's better to do them separately and then together?

(This is in addition to finding an actual piano teacher of course, which I'm planning to do after new years :) )

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Post by jimhenry » 12-18-14 8:05 pm

You learn scales because songs contain a lot of notes that are portions of scales. Scales become the foundation of your finger technique. Scales also teach you which of the notes on the keyboard are most likely to be in the song. They are not all equally likely! You do want to learn to play scales first with each hand alone because your brain can't learn both at the same time. But you do also want to learn to play with both hands because it is a good exercise for learning to play with both hands. It will be hard when you try to bring both hands together! Go VERY slowly when you start playing with both hands.
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