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Postby leelawliet » 12-25-14 2:16 pm

What do we do when we have notes that are overlapping the left and right hand?
Like below attached image.
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Postby kiwi » 12-25-14 3:57 pm

In this case you play it with the right hand And you don't play it with the left hand because the note is sustained.
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Postby leelawliet » 12-26-14 7:48 pm

Oh I see. I have to use the sustain pedal to hold the note while I play the lapping notes. Got it.
Thank You.
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Postby kiwi » 12-27-14 11:59 am

Hum not really but you can do it too because each note (green and oranges ones) stop together anyway :)
The correct way is too simply not using the pedal in this case but you can if it's easier to reach the next chord for you.
These overlapped notes are due to the midi file maker if they aren't played/recorded live but composed it happens.
Also if 2 tracks are different instruments it happens too but don't worry and if you have a doubt always use you're ears for to choose the right way, sheet music or falling notes doesn't contain all the magical of the music ;)
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Postby Birdman87 » 01-02-15 12:16 pm

You play the octave, release the thumb on the right hand then play it with the left, there is no point trying to sustain a note you're going to press and sustain with the other hand.
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