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Post by jimhenry » 01-11-15 8:34 am

This was written by Giff Hamlin for guitar students but it is equally applicable to piano:

What if I told you the absolute best guitar learning tool you have is completely free?

Plus... there is no setup, no login credentials, and no advertising involved.

Pretty cool, right?

It allows you to practice without even having a guitar in your hands...

It only gets better the more you use it instead of wearing out like most things...

And the best part is that you don't have to lug anything extra around because it goes with you everywhere...

Figure it out?

It's your ear... the most important thing you have is your ear.

Listen to the music in your car and count along with it an watch how fast your timing improves.

Listen to the musical examples in your courses and watch the TAB over and over several times so you know what the written notation is supposed to sound like and you'll know if you do it right (or if you make some mistakes.)

Listen to songs you love and try to imagine what you think the guitar player is doing. It might surprise you how often you start being correct.

And maybe most importantly, listen when you play and when you practice. It's easy for that time to become academic and for you to turn your ear off.

But if you listen to the sounds you are making with your guitar and listen for the music in there (and not just the notes) you'll start to sound better simply because you are noticing what is actually coming out and not what you are trying to put in.

Make music and have fun and listen to the results :)

Talk soon,
Jim Henry
Author of the Miditzer, a free virtual theatre pipe organ

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